Artist Statement

Art, with all it's variables, has been my constant since childhood.  It is an outlet for the truest voice inside.

My biggest inspiration comes from the natural world around me.  I love the contrasts that meld so beautifully  in both flora & fauna.

My work is always changing as I grow and learn, and continue to find sources of inspiration.  Thanks so much for taking a walk through my gallery and a view through my eyes.


Artist Bio

Jenny Good grew up in Indiana, moving on to New York in her twenties, and finally settling in central Texas for the past 18 years. Growing up in an art and music focused college town introduced Jenny to a diverse art world beyond her native farmlands. This fueled her own artistic expression and allowed for creative freedom through the years.

Now settled in Texas with her husband of 22 years and their daughter, Jenny has found peace and inspiration in the southwest landscape of big skies, roadrunners, and warm zephyr winds.

Jenny loves creating natural vignettes from objects found on nature walks: feathers, rocks, twine, dried grasses...and the list goes on. This love of contrasting objects will be the focus of future work, beginning with her antique map collages featured on her website, and growing into more structured 3d creations in the near future.

Stay tuned in as she releases new art here at


Jenny Good was recently featured in the autumn edition of the magazine What Women Create.

The article entitled "One of a Kind Dreamscapes" touches on aspects of her artistic journey and where she draws inspiration from.